Henry Haight Elementary PTA is a forum where parents, teachers, and school administrators discuss ways to promote quality education, strive to expand the arts, and encourage community involvement in our school.

Next PTA Meeting
Wednesday, October 14
6:00-7:30 PM
FREE Childcare & Pizza Provided
Multipurpose Room

Come find out what PTA activities and programs are being planned for this year.
Become a PTA member to have voting rights and further support our student, teachers, and school.

Support the PTA while Wine Tasting at Farmstead Cheeses & Wines during September and October
  • Suggested donation of $1 per person per flight. 
  • Half of all funds will go to the Henry Haight PTA
  • Alameda location is in the Marketplace (Park St. & Buena Vista Ave.)
  • Weekly Tasting Schedule: 
    • Alameda: 
      • Thur/Fri 5:30-7:30pm
      • Sat/Sun 3:00-5:00pm
    • Montclair Village
      • Fri 5:00-7:30pm
      • Sat 2:00-5:00pm

Now is the time to get involved!
Visit Henry Haight School website for latest information on registration, school supplies, learning resources and more.

Have a great start to the school year! 

Together, let's make Henry Haight Elementary a wonderful learning environment for our kids!

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Henry Haight Dads' Club
Meet some other Henry Haight dads
and participate in some cool activities.

Coffee @ The Eagle Cafe

Monday and Friday
8:10 - 8:45 on the yard

$1.00 if you bring your cup
$1.50 if you don’t

The Eagle Cafe serves
generously donated
coffee from Mr. Espresso.
Enjoy Gardening?
Join the Alameda Schools Garden Project and make Henry Haight School more beautiful.